The Future
of Your Brand

Infinite is a full service advertising agency that is built to create the future of your brand using data driven strategies, influencer marketing, modern video production, social content creation, digital media and creative thinking. We create meaningful connections between brands, people, and culture in the social, digital, and physical world.

Create Amazing
Radio Imaging

Create promos and sweepers – with your station voice or jingle – in a matter of seconds. Phantom’s patented concept delivers un-imaginable flexibility. The mobile app lets you get creative on the go and automatically syncs everything with your desktop account. The sound of your station at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

Next Level Podcast Video Extension

A collaberation between Forward Media and Gemini XIII, FM13 is a turnkey service for podcasters that distributes your video to a network of websites and OTT/CTV channels. FM13 creates reach beyond current industry methods and drives discoverability, subscriber growth and recurring revenue.